Fancy photos for fancy people!

Hi, my name is Alison Narro and I’m a photographer in the great city of Austin, TX! I have a WILD imagination and I love taking photos. I have been taking pictures for over 6 years. My clients and published work include the likes of‚ Birds Barbershop, North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery (NXNW), Guerilla Suit, Fun Fun Fun Fest, GQ Online, Wall Street Journal (online edition), 34th Street Cafe, SPIN, AE Media, HP Technology, Thunderbird Coffee, Mohawk Austin, County Line, and Cannoli Joe’s.

I love taking pictures and often make jokes involving kittens and lazer beams. WhenI’m not taking and editing photos, I enjoy sleuthing the interweb for .gifs of Jean Claude Van Damme which make me laugh‚ very hard (I am easily amused). My favorite shoots subjects are weddings, events, portraits, and cats. I like taking fancy pictures of fancy people! So let me make you fancy!